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Will Bricker (he/him)

Principal, Hustle Fund

Will is a Principal at Hustle Fund, a pre-Seed venture fund based in the United States and Singapore. Working out of New York, he invests in Pre-Seed North American software startups and runs the data and analytics platform for the firm.

Before working at Hustle, Will spent most of his time working with data, developing products, and building teams at JP Morgan and Bridgewater. He holds an MBA from UC Berkeley and a BA from Boston College.


Speed Circles

July 13, 2022  5:25 PM – 6:25 PM
Pairs of founders meet a mentor one-on-two, connect, pitch, and get feedback—fast. Then we rotate the founders so you never have the same conversation twice. See more.

Mentor Meetups

July 14, 2022  7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Small huddles with subject matter experts tackle common startup challenges, from culture and fundraising to product and pitching. Join our amazing mentors and get the help you need on the problems you’re facing! See more.

Hive mind

July 15, 2022  6:30 PM – 7:10 PM
We crowdsource questions, upvote the best ones, and display stream-of-consciousness solutions our mentors can riff on from the stage. See more.