July 14, 2022  8:00 PM – 8:40 PM

Investor AMA

How do investors think? It’s not obvious to many startups, but investors have their own goals, challenges, and customers. They need to deliver solid results to Limited Partners. They need to comply with regulations. They may be constrained to a particular company size or industry vertical. You wouldn’t try to sell something without understanding your prospect—yet many startups looking for money fail to get inside the minds of the investors they’re courting.

Here’s your chance to ask investors anything you want (except “will you fund my company?”—that’s what the rest of Startupfest is for!) From how they became VCs, to what they look for in companies, and how you can take advantage of everything they can offer. What’s the best way to attract the best investors? What can they offer beyond just money? What keeps them up at night—you can ask them anything.

Managing Partner
The Fund
Director of Investments - Canada and US East Coast
Brand Capital International
General Partner
White Star Capital
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