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Shambhavi Mishra (she/her)

Director of Investments - Canada and US East Coast, Brand Capital International

Shambhavi is the Director of Growth & Portfolio at Antler Canada. Antler is a global early-stage venture capital firm that invests in the defining technology companies of tomorrow. The firm has offices across six continents and most major entrepreneurial hubs. Antler has already invested in and helped build over 600 companies since launch.

Prior to this Shambhavi has led several cross-border venture investments in early/growth stages for a leading Corporate VC/Family office. She has been instrumental in executing high value venture capital investments and exits globally - across Consumer Tech, Education, Gaming and Enterprise SaaS across US, Canada, EU and SE Asia. She brings hands-on operator mindset for portfolio growth, strong network of global VCs, accelerators, and institutions, and has helped numerous companies with strategy and GTM to expand into global markets. She is passionate about gender inclusion, DEI in entrepreneurship and actively supports women, non-binary and underrepresented founders


Speed Circles

July 13, 2022  5:25 PM – 6:25 PM
Pairs of founders meet a mentor one-on-two, connect, pitch, and get feedback—fast. Then we rotate the founders so you never have the same conversation twice. See more.

Investor AMA

July 14, 2022  8:00 PM – 8:40 PM
Here’s your chance to ask investors anything you want (except “will you fund my company?”—that’s what the rest of Startupfest is for!) From how they became VCs, to what they look for in companies, and how you can take advantage of everything they can offer. What’s the best way to attract the best investors? What can they offer beyond just money? What keeps them up at night—you can ask them anything. See more.

Hive mind

July 15, 2022  6:30 PM – 7:10 PM
We crowdsource questions, upvote the best ones, and display stream-of-consciousness solutions our mentors can riff on from the stage. See more.
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