BDC’s Women in Technology Bootcamp

The WIT Bootcamp, presented by BDC, is back for its 5th anniversary edition!
July 10, 2024

The Women in Tech Bootcamp has been a staple in Startupfest’s Premium Fests for 5 years. Hosted by BDC Capital’s Thrive Venture Fund, this half-day event is looking to connect women founders and leaders of technology companies with the resources they need to grow their businesses.

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How to attend

The WIT Bootcamp is dedicated to scalable technology companies founded by at least one individual identifying as a woman. Space is limited. Application required to attend.
Step 1: Complete the application form
Step 2: If accepted, you will receive an access code to register for the event.
*Must have a ticket to Startupfest in order to attend. 

Learn what it takes to build and scale a technology company!

This can’t-miss opportunity will connect your pre-seed or seed-stage technology company with peers, investors, and industry partners to help scale your business.

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Michelle Scarborough

Managing Partner, Women in Technology Venture Fund and Thrive Venture Fund, Business Development Bank of Canada

Sara Anvari

Chief Information Security Officer, BDC

Lesley Ross

General Partner, Enjoy the Work

Neha Khera

Early-stage investor

Lise Birikundavyi

Co-founder and Managing Partner, BKR Capital

Candice Faktor

Co-CEO, Disco / Lobby Capital

Leah Nguyen

Chief Investment Officer, InBC Investment Corp.

Olivia Norton

Chief Technology & Product Officer, Sanctuary AI

Mychelle Mollot

CMO, Knak

Haley Bryant

Principal, Hustle Fund

Women in Tech Bootcamp Agenda

July 10

12:00 PM

WiT Bootcamp

Networking breakfast

Join your peers for a light breakfast and make some amazing connections before the event kicks off. See More.

1:00 PM

WiT Bootcamp

Welcome to the 5th edition of the BDC WiT Bootcamp!

Join your host, BDC's Sara Anvari, as she kicks off the 5th edition of the WiT Bootcamp! See More.
Chief Information Security Officer

1:05 PM

WiT Bootcamp

Market strategy - prioritizing where to start

Join Knak's Mychelle Mollot for a deep dive into market strategy where she'll help you prioritize your marketing tactics. See More.

1:30 PM

WiT Bootcamp

Solving hard problems

Join's Co-Founder & CTO Olivia Norton as she tells the story of her journey building the company. See More.
Chief Technology & Product Officer
Sanctuary AI
Chief Investment Officer
InBC Investment Corp.

1:55 PM

WiT Bootcamp

Mastering early stage fundraising

Learn how to craft a compelling narrative, run a tight fundraising process, and get investment for your startup. We’ll cover how to close deals, nurture relationships, and avoid common pitfalls. See More.
Hustle Fund

2:25 PM

WiT Bootcamp

Networking break

2:40 PM

WiT Bootcamp

Growing Beyond Founder-Driven Sales

The faster someone other than the founder can win business, the faster the company will advance. Crossing that milestone is the hard part. Building your sales playbook is the place to start. See More.
General Partner
Enjoy the Work

3:20 PM

WiT Bootcamp

Founder focus: Candice Faktor

Join co-founder Candice Faktor for a look at her journey scaling See More.
Disco / Lobby Capital

3:45 PM

WiT Bootcamp

Investor Panel: Building a company in today's climate

Today's investing climate is complicated to say the least. Join our panel of investors as we unpack what's going on and give you insights into how best to raise for your company. See More.
Managing Partner, Women in Technology Venture Fund and Thrive Venture Fund
Business Development Bank of Canada
Chief Investment Officer
InBC Investment Corp.
Co-founder and Managing Partner
BKR Capital
Early-stage investor

4:25 PM

WiT Bootcamp

That's a wrap!

Look back at an amazing morning and start getting excited for the rest of what Startupfest has to offer! See More.
Chief Information Security Officer

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