Let’s surf this giant Blue Economy wave together!
July 11, 2024
Ocean tech is critical to the climate transition or as KPMG would put it, we can’t go green without blue. Our lakes and oceans are the most important carbon sinks and provide 80% of the oxygen we breathe in daily. Nearly 40% of the world’s population relies on marine activity and coastal biodiversity for their livelihood. 
The Ocean tech sector is on an exponential growth path and it’s only the beginning. According to Startup Genome, the Blue Economy intersects with Cleantech, AI & Big Data, Agtech & New Food, Transportation, and many others. The momentum has begun and there are tremendous opportunities for startups and investors to both drive change and reap fair returns. With a value of $3 trillion USD by 2030, you can’t afford to overlook it.

How to attend

OceanFest is for anyone interested in Blue tech and the Blue economy. OceanFest is included in the Startupfest ticket. To attend, simply purchase your ticket to Startupfest.

From coast-to-coast, Canada’s Blue Economy ecosystem is rapidly expanding and becoming a top contender on the global scale. 
Our 2024 edition will focus on top trends such as Ocean AI, ocean-based carbon capture, underwater drones, decarbonization of the shipping industry, aquaculture and water preservation. Beyond tech hot topics, we’ll also try to understand why the Blue Economy is capitalizing so heavily on global collaboration and diversity. We’ll hear from First Nations representatives and leaders in remote settings who understand nature’s needs like no others. Trailblazers in the Blue Economy are taking the visionary leap of faith that sustainability must be at the core of every business model. They are laying the foundations of the new economy and the ROIs speak for themselves.
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Amélie Desrochers

EVP, Novarium

Martin Beaulieu

CEO, La Zone Bleue, Novarium

Jennifer LaPlante

Chief Growth & Investment Officer, Canada’s Ocean Supercluster

Kendra MacDonald

Chief Executive Officer  , Canada’s Ocean Supercluster

Ted Janulis

Founder & Principal , Investable Oceans

Emily Charry Tissier

CEO, Whale Seeker

Paula Mendonça

Executive Director, Ocean Startup Project

Pierre Erwes

Partner & Deal flow and strategic partnerships , Blue Forward Fund

Nancy Andrews

Chief Engagement and Communications Officer, Canada's Ocean Supercluster

Ann Carpenter

CEO, Braid Theory

Barry Stevens

President, Stevens Solutions & Design Inc. 3D Wave Design

Lauren McGuire

VP Banking, RBCx, Royal Bank of Canada

Sophie Silkes

Director of Strategic Engagement, COAST

Rodrigo Prudencio

Managing Partner, Propeller VC

Susan Hunt

Chief Innovation Officer, Oneka Technologies

Dr. Chris Whidden

DeepSense/COVE Digital Ocean Research Chair, Dalhousie University

Derrick Whalen

Director, Information and Technology Services, Halifax Port Authority

Ken Paul

Principal / Owner, Pokiok Associates

Simon Savard

Project Manager, Port de Montréal

The Honorable Ethel Blondin-Andrew PC OC

Co-chair of the Board of Directors , National Indigenous Fisheries Institute

Rachel Cox

Accelerator Program Manager, COVE

OceanFest 2024 Agenda

July 11

12:00 PM


Networking breakfast

1:00 PM


Opening keynote

The blue economy and indigenous communities See More.
Co-chair of the Board of Directors
National Indigenous Fisheries Institute

1:15 PM


Welcome to OceanFest- Ambition 2035

Together, we can grow Canada’s ocean economy by 5X by 2035! Canada has the longest coast line in the world and 4 major cities are in the top 30 Blue Economy startup ecosystem ranking. Discover how you can help us move the needle and change the way we interact with our ocean utilizing the best technologies and talents. See More.
Chief Growth & Investment Officer
Canada’s Ocean Supercluster
Chief Executive Officer 
Canada’s Ocean Supercluster

1:20 PM


Ocean Global Ecosystem Showcase

Collaboration is a core pillar of growing a resilient blue economy - both locally and globally. Discover how Canada, Quebec and Portugal are adapting to the need of the industry and changing the game when it comes to startup ecosystem building. See More.
La Zone Bleue, Novarium
Executive Director
Ocean Startup Project
Chief Executive Officer 
Canada’s Ocean Supercluster
Director of Strategic Engagement
Chief Innovation Officer
Oneka Technologies

1:50 PM


Investing in the Blue Economy

The blue investment landscape is quite different than in other tech sectors. In the Blue Economy, Europe is leading the way. In North America, CleanTech VCs are slowly capturing this new growth opportunity. Discover the emerging trends with top investors in the field. See More.
VP Banking, RBCx
Royal Bank of Canada
Managing Partner
Propeller VC

2:30 PM


Networking break

2:45 PM


Ocean Smart Nature Showcase

When it comes to our deep understanding of nature and oceans, indigenous communities have been leading the way for centuries. We still have much to learn! Discover amazing ventures and technologies coming from top Canadian indigenous communities. See More.
Stevens Solutions & Design Inc. 3D Wave Design
Principal / Owner
Pokiok Associates
Chief Engagement and Communications Officer
Canada's Ocean Supercluster

3:15 PM


Levering Ocean AI

From Seaweed farming to coral restoration all the way to marine biotech and smart navigation, AI is at the forfront of the Blue Economy revolution. Discover actionable AI applications - an ocean of opportunities, litterally - and discuss the main entry barriers for industry partners and startups trying to scale. See More.
Whale Seeker
DeepSense/COVE Digital Ocean Research Chair
Dalhousie University
Director, Information and Technology Services
Halifax Port Authority
Chief Growth & Investment Officer
Canada’s Ocean Supercluster

3:55 PM


One ocean - going global

Discover top global Blue Economy leaders and new innovative growth business models that are rapidly transforming the global landscape See More.
Partner & Deal flow and strategic partnerships
Blue Forward Fund
Braid Theory
Founder & Principal
Investable Oceans
Project Manager
Port de Montréal
Accelerator Program Manager

4:25 PM


Closing remarks

10 reasons to dive into the Blue Economy. Will you surf this giant wave with us. See More.
Chief Growth & Investment Officer
Canada’s Ocean Supercluster

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