July 13, 2023  2:55 PM – 3:35 PM

The Accelerator AMAAAIA

Accelerators are a fast-track to scaling promising startups, helping a founder move from business idea to product-market fit while refining their pitch and meeting hundreds of potential backers. In this Ask-Me-Anything session, put your most pressing questions to a panel of Accelerator operators. What works? What are the limitations? Are accelerators right for your startup? Find out here. And in keeping with our Augmented theme this year, our panel of accelerator operators will be accompanied by a chatbot to both formulate questions and suggest responses the investors might have missed. Ask-Me-And-An-AI-Anything is the new AMA!

Head of startups
Pulse Incubateur HES
Vice President
FutureSight Ventures
Managing Director, AlchemistX
Alchemist Accelerator
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