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Zaki Mahomed

VP of Moonshots, Influitive

Zaki is an addict; however, fortunately, his poison of choice is creating products and businesses people love to use. These days he spends a lot of time at Influitive experimenting with helping great products amplify the voice of their happiest customers to grow faster. We call this advocate marketing but you can think of it as just us accelerating karma. Prior to joining Influitive, Zaki started a social sports gaming company in Singapore called Game Ventures. Amongst other things, they built the world’s largest cricket game (fun fact: at one point, they were responsible for 3.5 years of lost productivity every day across millions of players). Prior to that, while in school in Singapore, he built TimeSvr and helped thousands of busy people ‘outsource’ personal tasks to virtual assistants.Having lived in Karachi, Singapore, Toronto and San Francisco before turning 30; and having been a part of startups since before he could legally have a beer in any of those places, has given Zaki a unique global perspective on the art of creating value through amazing products.

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